Sébastien Plassard

Sébastien Plassard


PASS SANTE MOUSSO is an innovative digital health record accessible via a connected wristband or card. The web and mobile platform offers comprehensive health management, including logbook, teleconsultation, payment and sector forum. Specialising in a range of pathologies, it ensures innovative collaboration and interoperability with other healthcare players.


 In today’s healthcare management context, PASS SANTE MOUSSO provides a significant response to crucial social and organisational needs. The main challenge addressed is the fragmentation of medical data, where difficult access to medical records is solved by the centralised Digital Medical Record (DMN) available via a connected wristband or card. This solution fills an essential gap by facilitating the rapid retrieval and updating of medical information, improving the efficiency of care and medical decision-making.

Limited care coordination is also addressed by the platform, which offers comprehensive health management, including teleconsultation, payment for services, and a sector-specific forum. This holistic approach promotes more effective coordination among healthcare stakeholders, ensuring optimal continuity of care for patients.

The lack of integrated solutions is addressed by PASS SANTE MOUSSO, which provides a single platform bringing together various medical services. This simplifies access to diverse services in one place, improving convenience for users and fostering more widespread use of the platform. Geographical constraints are mitigated by the solution, allowing expanded access to medical services regardless of physical location. This meets a crucial social need, especially in regions where access to healthcare may be limited.

The management of chronic diseases is also at the core of PASS SANTE MOUSSO’s response. With over 70% of deaths attributed to medical errors, the platform ensures precise patient monitoring, thereby reducing the risk of errors and improving long-term health outcomes.

The silent pandemic of non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes and cancer, is specifically targeted by the platform. By providing a tracking and management solution for these conditions, PASS SANTE MOUSSO contributes to reversing the trend by offering a preventive and proactive means of combating these diseases.

Technical details & Operations

 The PASS SANTE MOUSSO platform revolutionises healthcare management by offering a comprehensive and innovative user experience. Here’s how the solution works in practice, integrating products, technologies, methods and services to meet users’ needs effectively.

  • Account creation and authentication: Users begin their journey by creating an account on the PASS SANTE MOUSSO platform. This initialstep, crucial for personalising the experience, is followed by secure authentication to guarantee exclusive access to their personal space.
  • Electronic Health Record: Once logged in, users explore their electronic health record. This section allows them to add, modify and consult personal medical data such as medical history, allergies and medications taken. The user-friendly interface ensures regular and accurate updates of health information
  • Patient Record and Patient History: Information from the health record automatically feeds into the patient file. This chronological medical history gives users a complete overview of their medical history over time. It also enables effective coordination among healthcare professionals for optimal patient care.
  • Appointments: The integrated appointment scheduling function simplifies the planning of interactions with healthcare professionals. The availability of service providers is clearly displayed, offering users the flexibility to choose time slots to suit their needs.
  • Teleconsultation: The platform offers teleconsultation, a practical option that eliminates the need for physical travel. During the teleconsultation, healthcare professionals have access to the user’s medical records, ensuring effective remote care.
  • Payment for healthcare services: At the end of each healthcare service, users can make secure payments via the platform. Transactions are traceable and transparent, promoting efficient financial management and offering a frictionless user experience.


In terms of technologies, PASS SANTE MOUSSO incorporates advanced security protocols to protect users’ sensitive data. The use of cloud solutions ensures remote accessibility, while the integration of a user-friendly interface facilitates interaction with the platform.

Deployment & Impact

The deployment of PASS SANTE MOUSSO has had a significant impact, marked by tangible and quantifiable results. More than 32,000 people have benefited from the medical monitoring offered by the platform, with a high proportion of women (76%). Among these users, 2,076 were cancer patients, underscoring the relevance of the solution in managing serious illnesses.

The successful collaboration with 125 doctors and the integration of 88 healthcare centers attest to the healthcare professionals’ endorsement of this innovation. Interoperability with major Ministry of Health platforms such as SANTE CIV and SGCH strengthens PASS SANTE MOUSSO’s position in the Côte d’Ivoire healthcare ecosystem. This integration facilitates communication and medical data management, contributing to better care coordination.

A notable aspect of the social impact is the customisation of the platform to monitor specific conditions such as sickle cell anaemia, cancer and dialysis. This customisation meets the diverse needs of users, improving the quality of care provided. In a revolutionary move, PASS SANTE MOUSSO has also introduced a telepathology implementation using artificial intelligence, renforcing remote diagnostic capabilities.

The strategic collaboration with the Roche Côte d’Ivoire laboratory has been a major catalyst for the implementation of telepathology, particularly in cancer monitoring. This partnership has significantly improved remote diagnostic capabilities, providing patients with faster and more efficient access to specialist services.

The collaboration with the Côte d’Ivoire Post Office has been an essential element for the national coverage of PASS SANTE MOUSSO. With 200 postal agencies across the country, these enrolment points have facilitated platform accessibility for a wide audience. It should be noted that these agencies will soon be equipped with teleconsultation units, thereby extending the range of health services available to users in remote areas.

These results testify to the successful deployment of PASS SANTE MOUSSO and its substantial impact on healthcare management in Côte d’Ivoire. The platform has exceeded expectations in terms of reach, efficiency and adaptability, positioning itself as an innovative and essential solution for improving healthcare in the country.