Lebanese Red CrossWorking together

Children’s vision, empowering the youth to become agents of change

Children’s Vision is a program that was developed by the Youth sector volunteers, within the Lebanese Red Cross. Targeting one of the main needs in its community: overcoming difficulties as teenagers (such as social withdrawal, extreme stress, alcohol abuse, substance use, bullying, etc). Offering a Youth-Friendly space, through which they can develop their skills and acquire new information.

Iraqi Red CrescentWorking together

How the Iraqi Red Crescent involved the community and its volunteers in the strategic planning

Community participation is targeted by the Iraqi Red Crescent’s (IRC) activities in its annual planning process. With the goal to better understand the needs of the communities, volunteers are involved in the planning process through a digital application. This allows them to have a practical fellowship and collect specific data from their communities where they have carried out IRC’s activities. By collecting and analysing specific data from the targeted communities, the IRC is able to provide annual plans that enhance the effectiveness of the responses in compliance with the IRC’s strategy, and reinforces the acceptance of the IRC within the society.

Burundi Red CrossWorking together

How the Burundi Red Cross is building the capacity of its volunteers

In 2007, the Burundi Red Cross created decentralized support groups called 'Unités Collinaires'. Each 'Unité Collinaire' is made up of volunteers who have gradually come together to support vulnerable people in their community. Each volunteer gives 2 to 4 hours of their time per week. Today, the Burundi Red Cross has 2920 "Unités Collinaires" in all the hills of the country and a vast network of over 600,000 volunteers.

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