Illustration: Lorenzo Gritti
Illustration: Lorenzo Gritti

In order to answer new social needs in a fast-changing world, it’s crucial to put social innovation and local experimentation at the heart of the Red Cross’ mission. The French Red Cross and the Spanish Red Cross have launched Red Social Innovation, an international resource centre for social innovation available in English, French and Spanish. Its goal is to test, scale and highlight social innovations created and developed within the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, or by other private or public actors. 

Over the course of this 45 minutes conference, the Red Social Innovation team will highlight the importance of fostering innovation within social organisations while shedding light on concrete solutions developed within different Red Cross European National entities.

On the 6th of May at 9.30 AM CET, Axelle Lemaire, Head of the Strategy, Innovation, Transformation and Impact Department (SITI) at the French Red Cross, and Mette Petersen, Director of the Red Cross EU Office, will open the session in Strasbourg during the Social Economy event, organised in the course of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Following this introduction, four innovative solutions made in EU will be presented :

Sprogland by the Danish Red Cross 🇩🇰
Sprogland is a digital platform created by the Danish Red Cross to fight isolation & promote language training. It’s an online service providing 1:1 video-based language skill training for immigrants and refugees in Denmark. The service is provided by Red Cross volunteers working from their own home and when it fits their calendar.

Entamar by the Spanish Red Cross 🇪🇸
Entamar is an app developed by the Spanish Red Cross using augmented reality to improve the daily lives of children with long-term stays in hospital.

Toutes mes Aides by the French Red Cross 🇫🇷
Toutes Mes Aides has developed a digital platform that allows social workers and individuals to identify all the social assistance to which they are entitled. By asking some questions to the user, Lisa is an intelligent robot capable of identifying all the aids to which the person is entitled and presenting them to the user. Once the social benefits have been identified, Toutes Mes Aides supports people in the procedures by filling the administrative form. The application counts 15,000 new visitors each month.

Direct Digital Aid by the Netherlands Red Cross 🇳🇱
Undocumented migrants who lack the means to cover their basic needs, receive a weekly digital supermarket voucher through WhatsApp. This initiative is part of Direct Digital Aid, a package of three mutually enforcing digital services supporting undocumented migrants in the Netherlands. The other services are a Helpful Information Web Application and a WhatsApp Helpdesk.